Cleaner Required Leeds 6 &amp 16 (Headingley)

Vacancies exist for two contracts for dental practices in Leeds 6 &amp 16. Job 1 Leeds 6 1 hour per shift morning cleandaily 5 days a week Job 1 Leeds 16 2 hour per shift mid day 1 day per week Usually cleaning specification Salary £5.93 per hour Suitable for all including East European people however ideally for someone local to the area. Requirements 1. Some understanding about English language 2. Must be Honest Hardworking Punctual and Responsible Person. 4. Previous cleaning experience is essential 5. Should be able to travel to Headingley Leeds 6 and Cookridge Leeds 16 6. Must not have a previous criminal record as Crb checks will be done 7. Should have -Passport -Work permit if required 2 Forms of proof of address -to supply 2 References from previous employer No friends or relatives Contact lynne or 07758243292