Experienced House Keeper Cleaner, Gardener,chilled care, Dog walker (Mirfield )

Experienced Cleaner Gardener Chilled Minder Dog Walker I have been doing all of the above for over 5 years now I am a great cleaner who loves cleaning I love animals and children I am C.R.B Cheeked and currently work in a hight school as a behavioured support mentor in a hight school as well as cleaning. I have worked with children age 0- 20 even tho I am only almost 21 my self. I have experience of baby sitting for over 8 years for family members and friends for over 3 children at a time. I currently have my own dog and have had experience with dogs all my life so I am more than experienced for All the above role. If you live a busy lifestyle and would like just a bit of help with the cleaning pets or children pleas get in touch for more information