General stock worker tester packer for online videogame retailer. (Ls7, Leeds)

inaudible Games is a Leeds based videogame and technology online retailer looking for a hard working flexible dedicated and thorough individual with obsessive attention to detail capable of and happy to fulfil a range of tasks ranging from simple manual labour general business admin to slightly more technical testing repair procedures. But usually we just turn it off on again. Specific roles will include Pick pack posting of orders Helps if you know a little about Rms sorting formats even better if youre familiar with Rms Packetpost. Cleaning of stock Simply removing various stickers lables and or wiping off any dirt. Testing of stock Various technical user tests run on most stock. If you know what C1 C2 Pi Po errors are youre doing well. If you enjoy endlessly booting Pokemon cartridges waiting through 5 minutes of video then checking if the damn thing saves apply now. If youre thinking why dont you just pull the battery and check it with a multimeter you get the job. Product Photography nothing fancy but requires consistancy and speed. General It use configuration. Possible roles Data entry Helps if you can do an ebay boolean search and know where to find a catalogue number on a Microsoft product. Various simple programming tasks (Html Sql Php Javascript Vb. Customer service by e-mail phone. Exploring endless oportunities to expand the business. Various design marketing tasks. Basically we need an all-rounder whos happy to do the boring stuff a lot of the time. Hours Approx. 25 a week starting with less and increasing depending on ability. Usual work period will be 1 5pm Sun Mon Tue Wed Fri but could change over time and a flexible candidate available for most hours days to start with would be best. Pay Starting at £6.00 ph increasing for any long-term employment. Location Unity Business Centre Leeds Ls7 1ab. A few minutes by bus car from the city centre and easily accessible from most northern Leeds suburbs. Preferable candidates would include disenchanted Cs engineering or business students graduates someone with experience in technology games retail test repair or just someone who always thinks they have a better idea how to do stuff. Please send a covering letter Cv and nyan cats via the online form.