Look A website spokesperson on your website (Leeds)

Did you know that by adding a live website spokesperson to your site you can increase levels of enquiries and sales by up to 500 I specialise in providing website spokespersons where we film an actor or actress to a script who will walk onto the landing page of your website to introduce your products and services. We also provide video email services to enable you to follow up sales leads with live video emailed straight into your customer s inbox. The application will also code Hd video to add to websites for product demo s and testimonials for Free. The technology is cutting edge and very easy to use I am looking for someone to take a Regional Resellers License to sell these products in your area. every business with a website is your potential customer so plenty to go at The Opportunity You will be provided with your own website and the full range of marketing tools within it. To set you up will cost you £250.00 You will recoup this small investment with your first sale. If you are currently a web designer with a host of clients this is a fantastic product to resell to them For an example of one of our projects click on the links below Video Spokesperson Demo Click below http w.fasciasonline.co.uk Video Email Demo Click below http app.talkfusion.com fusion2 view.asp?NtmzMDk3 3118211 Digital Stationery Demo Click below http w.midlandswebvideo.cjvdigital.com You will need to contact me to get further details on the above opportunity Reply to this email in the first instance. Regards Simon