Part-time Childcarer Required (Ls8)

Hello. I am looking for a part-time childcarer for two of my children. I only need someone on Wednesday and Friday mornings to come to my house for 7.45 am and look after them before taking them to school for 9 am. This will just be in University term time and will run from this September to around the end of May next year. It works out at about 2 1 2 hours work a week and I will pay £6 per hour meaning £15 per week. This would be a nice little job for a student etc. My two daughters are 11 and 6 (I also have a baby but I will be taking him to a childminder. They are polite nice and well behaved children on the whole You must be Crb checked and have relevant qualifications experience. If youre interested please reply as soon as possible I preferably need someone who can start on Wednesday the 28th of this month. Please send further details Cv to me via email and I will get back to you asap. Thanks Debra. Leeds 8 area.