Players Bar Leeds Its nearly here (City Centre)

Players Bar Leeds is opening at the back end of the month and we have openings galore for the Creme de la Creme of Leeds. If youve been to our Bars in Newcastle or Sheffield then youll know the type of thing were looking for if you havent well here a list of the openings. Bar Supervisors Are you trained to a high standard? Could you add something to our team? Are you the best that Leeds has to offer? Apply and take up the challenge. Vip Bar Tender Do you go that extra mile for the customer? Can you perform at your best at all times especially when under pressure? Wed Love to hear from you. Bar Staff Trained or untrained we will help you become truely immense at what you do. Floor Staff We praise the work you do and you are an essential part of the team. Players Needs You Promotion Staff Do you know Leeds? Are you the lively energetic and bubbly and not afraid of talking to people? This is for you. Promotions Supervisor As above but as well as that you need to know Leeds like the back of your hand and be able to get the most out of the staff you work with. Inspirational springs to mind. Vip Hosts Are you someone that loves people feeling welcome and looked after? All our staff at Players are well presented and standards are key to them as much as they are to us. But more importantly Players is all about team work and achieving the best you can as part of the team you work in no matter what area it is. And dont forget Players work hard and play hard ) If you see yourself as any of the above then wed love to hear from you. How do you apply? Simply send your Cv across to us with a picture of yourself attached.You will need to send them separately as gumtree doesnt allow two attachments.