Seeking Management for the Next Big Thing (Leeds)

Hello My name is Andrew Heppinstall I am 22 and live in Leeds I am currently looking for a dedicated and skilled website coder. This is really part time working for normaly 3-4 hours a night due to the power and the content of the site. The Company is going to be the next social media hub everything that you can do shop talk share advertise and search is all going to be on one site. It is a fantastic chance for people to really come in to their own and be noticed for your great skills. The website will need to be created and then revenue would need to be created and then we all get paid each candidate would recieve 5 shares of the business as guarantee of the dedication and hard work from everyone. Any more information please feel free to text me or email me i would prefer text. I am currently seeking 5 coders 1 Advertising Manager and 1 Content Manager. Thank you very much for your time. Andrew Heppinstall Text 07872834549 Email Andrew